Kevin M. Kirbas

Kevin is a Managing Partner and CIO of Vesel_interactive, an online tool suite designed specifically for use by both sell and buy side audiences to advertise, measure and value derivatives trading. Kevin is also a partner and CIO of Wellness Plan of America. The WPA provides consumers and businesses with innovative health and wellness programs designed to support the long-term lifestyle changes required to maintain life-long wellness. Further, he serves as Director of Marketing and Customer Development for a unique nutrition wellness solution provider featuring the best of natural and organically grown foods that are individually proportioned, packaged and delivered right to the home. It is a comprehensive, nutrition-focused platform for improving health, preventing and managing chronic disease, and reducing medical costs. Providing the “missing-link” to great health, this solution offers easy access to affordable, natural and organically grown foods, coupled with personalized meal planning and tracking tools. He founded Distinct Logic in 2001 and currently serves as its President and CEO. Distinct Logic provides custom software solutions and workflow consulting, pioneering the concepts of extreme but managed business expansion without limitation or resistance from information systems or resources that support them. With over 25 years of system development and business application, Kevin designs and oversees holistic technological direction including planning, implementing and maintaining best practices for information technology for all corporate functions so as to realize timely investment return. This includes evaluating the use of existing and new technologies to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of end-to-end operations.